Chris Harrison is the grand master of love on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” The 43-year-old TV host has been with the series since its launch in 2002, and has guided the stars of the ABC show through dating, marriages and breakups. Well, now he’s using a different platform to share a relationship story – a book!

Harrison’s first novel, “The Perfect Letter,” hit bookshelves today, and he revealed during an AOL Build Series on Monday that he actually received inspiration to write the book from the author of “The Notebook” and other romance novels, Nicholas Sparks.

“I actually had this interesting night with Nicholas Sparks,” Harrison told the audience. “We kind of got drunk together one night. We were at a charity event; we started drinking and having a couple bottles of wine. The more that we talked we realized that we had very similar jobs – very different vehicles, but very similar fan bases. We really try to deliver the same things to our fans, and that is escapism and love and romance. And something – no pun intended – sparked in me. I thought if I’m going to write a book, let’s continue with what the people that have been loyal to me can really love. And that is romance and love and intrigue and drama. It’s that currency that no matter where I go in the world works. Everybody can believe in love and wants love.”

But while Chris Harrison wanted to “continue” with what he was doing on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” he added that “The Perfect Letter” is a complete “departure” from the ABC reality show. However at the same time, it has “everything to do with the show.” His inspiration for the story was pulled from what he learned on the reality series, from the love triangles to the drama.

“The Perfect Letter” is about Texas raised Leigh Merrill. She grew up on her grandfather’s horse farm, but moved to New York City after his death to start a life … and get over her past. Climbing her way up the ladder at work, Leigh eventually fell for a man named Joseph. He’s kind, thoughtful, generous and handsome. Yet when Joseph proposes, Leigh can’t bring herself to say “yes.” A trip to Austin, Texas for a writers conference forces Leigh to look at why she couldn’t commit to her beau when he proposed – and also face her secret filled history with her ex-boyfriend, Jake.