Some of the men of The Bachelorette. In kilts. In Croatia. (Photo credit: ABC)

The Bachelorette went to Croatia this week, but it looks like Disney, which owns ABC, had some of its own motives in mind.

Bachelorette and single mom Emily Maynard, who traveled this week sans daughter, Ricki -- who went back to Charlotte, N.C. -- headed east with her remaining suitors on her quest to find true love.

The location was beautiful, but perhaps just not enough. Never mind that the cast and crew ventured to the beautiful seaside city of Dubrovnik. They brought Scotland with them (more of this later).

Maynard had her first one-on-one date with Travis (the guy who had the egg). She thought they should venture into the heart of the city, saying they'd be like two fish out of water (he's from Mississippi, she lives in North Carolina).

Everything seemed to go well. Maynard appreciated his sense of humor, and she grilled Travis on his dating history. She wanted to know what went wrong with an ex-fiancée. He didn't blame the woman, or himself, which Maynard liked. But none of it was enough; she just didn't feel a romantic connection. Travis didn't get a rose and was sent home.

Now, onto the group date. Heaven knows what Maynard (and ABC) would make those poor men do after the whole Shakespeare-in-the-park segment in last week's episode.

It's not Shakespeare, right? one of the guys asked when Maynard led them to the location of their group date.

Fear not, dear thespian. All the guys had to do with Maynard was watch a screening of the upcoming Disney Pixar film Brave, which is about a feisty, independent Scottish princess whose flaming red hair makes her bear a striking resemblance to Rebekah Brooks.

The screening was probably the most random thing to happen all season -- clearly a shameless promotional move by Disney. Brave hits theaters on Friday, so this episode, it seems, was perfectly timed to coincide with the release date. The Bachelorette and her suitors also dutifully continued to make references to the film after it was over.

After the film, the guys dressed up in traditional Scottish garb (read: kilts) and showed off their manly man sides in the Highland games. In Croatia. Which is not Scotland. At least there was a man presiding over the games who had an authentic-sounding Scottish accent (and the guys did look darn sexy in those kilts). 

Sean certainly managed to impress his lady during the caber toss (an event where you toss a long, wooden and heavy-looking pole). His caber actually broke.

It was impressive, Maynard admitted to the cameras.

But the kudos would go to Chris, who suffered from a severe lack of Highland games skills. Maynard gave him props for keeping a good face.

Now, during this whole Scotland-meets-Croatia adventure, Ryan's been by his lonesome, waiting for his one-on-one date. Ryan, it turns out, is not exactly a house favorite. The other guys put him down. He's not made out to be as bad as Kalon, who was kicked off the show in London for referring to Maynard's daughter as baggage. But still, he didn't sit well with the other dudes, who found him arrogant. Arie even looked on in disgust at one point when Ryan and Maynard engage in flirty banter.

Ryan and Maynard took a trip out on an oyster boat. Ryan encouraged Maynard to eat an oyster, telling her that it is an aphrodisiac. Maynard was grossed out.

This ain't exactly putting me in the mood, she told him. She had to spit an oyster out back into the water, which was captured on camera.

Maynard ended up giving Ryan the axe during a candlelit dinner, which she admitted was a tough decision. He didn't take it well.

I'm rather shocked, he said, interrupting her out-loud musings.

You're making the wrong choice, he told her as they said their goodbyes.

Back at the hotel, the guys debated about whether Ryan would be sent home. They laughed and smirked when his luggage was taken away.

The guys freaked out about not having enough alone time, but Maynard managed to squeeze some in for each of them, including Jef, who, at 27, still looks as if he could be her kid brother. But they did have a connection, so Jef was safe from elimination this time around, as were Arie, Chris and Sean. Maynard couldn't decide between Doug and John, so she decided to hand out an extra rose.

Next up: Prague! Bring on the love, the drama, the passion and ... the bagpipes?