Many bakers typically start their workday in the early morning. On Monday, one Missouri bakery owner was going about her daily routine when she found her pie shop in complete disarray, thanks to a man who had a chaotic morning in and around the bakery, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Michael Brooker was found outside the Pie Oh My! bakery in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood at about 5:30 a.m stripped almost completely nude aside from his underwear. A concerned witness called police upon seeing that he was covered in a red substance.

It turned out the 22-year-old was covered in something very different from blood. According to Maplewood police, the substance was pie filling from the Pie Oh My! bakery. Before police could call paramedics for Brooker, bakery owner Melennie Lorence emerged and told them what she had discovered.

While the shop was closed in the middle of the night, Brooker allegedly broke into the shop and wreaked havoc before he “disrobed” behind the counter, Lorence told KMOV, a CBS affiliate in St. Louis. Police said he “tore the place up,” spreading different pie fillings on paintings in the bakery. After he was done in Pie Oh My!, he went to a nearby building and broke a window.

The bakery tweeted a photo of the damage Brooker did to the interior of the bakery, which also included leaving beans all over the floor.

There was also a large red "X" smeared on a window on the second building he vandalized, according to KMOV. Like the substance covering his body, it was initially thought to be blood, but it seems more likely that it is jam from the bakery.

Pie Oh My! closed Tuesday to deal with the mess, depriving the business of a day of profits. Police charged Brooker with burglary and property damage.

GettyImages-494159161 A Missouri man was accused of breaking into a pie shop and smearing jam all over his nearly nude body. Pictured above is cherry jam being poured into a jar in France. Photo: Iroz Gaizka/AFP/Getty Images