Bam Margera
Bam Margera holds up a guitar before smashing it into a three-ton ice sculpture during taping for the opening of the VH1 Rock Honors Concert in Las Vegas Reuters

Bam Margera, a long- time friend of dead Ryan Dunn, became outraged and blasted legendary film critic Roger Ebert for his comments on Twitter over the death of Dunn.

Ryan Dunn died early Monday due to injuries sustained in a fatal car crash in Pennsylvania. During the crash, Dunn's 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 went off a road, crashed in to woods and caught fire. According to police, the accident occurred at 3 a.m. on Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township.

Ebert, who is the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, tweeted Friends don't let Jackasses drink and drive.

The tweet sparked a controversy among Dunn's friends, well-wishers and near and dears, saying Ebert was too soon to publish a negative opinion about a person who has died just hours before.

Dunn's long-time friend Bam Margera blasted Eger through the same mode -- Twitter. Margera tweeted: About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, f**k you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat f**king mouth!

He further tweeted: I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of s**t roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents.

Margera, an American professional skateboarder and daredevil, shared friendship with Dunn since their dangerous antics and practical jokes in MTV's Jackass series and movies.

They jointly got to fame while appearing in videos alongside his friends in the Camp Kill Yourself(CKY) Crew.

The CKY videos caught the eye of Johnny Knoxville, a like-minded prankster who became the Jackass frontman and asked to include CKY clips and new footage featuring them on Jackass, which had its premiere on MTV in 2000.

Margera and Ryan Dunn became mainstays of the cast while other CKY crew members played supporting roles to various degrees. Margera went on to appear in Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, and Jackass 3D.