Barbara Walters retired from ABC's "The View" in 2014, but new reports claim the veteran journalist may want to regain her seat on the panel of the daytime talk show she founded. Walters is reportedly concerned about the drama the show has been generating lately and wants to help move it back in the right direction.

According to the New York Daily News' Confidenti@l, the 86-year-old has been asking her friends if she should return full-time to the talk show. The publication cites a source as saying that there have been talks regarding whether to bring Walters back to the show -- but only for a one-time appearance during Sweeps Week later this month.

Supposedly, Walters wants to return to "The View" because she's "disappointed" with the amount of negative press it has been receiving. "She doesn’t want to see it canceled and thinks she’s the only one who can save it," a source told Confidenti@l.

Recently, fans said they wanted Raven-Symoné to be fired from the show, following her comment that she wouldn't hire a person based on their name. The former Disney star made the remarks right after moderator Whoopi Goldberg mentioned a study that found people judge others by their names and then introduced a video of two teenage boys making fun of the most "ghetto names."

Raven-Symoné eventually apologized for her comment, writing in a lengthy Facebook post that she has "never discriminated against a name,” even though she said that she did. 

"My comment was in poor taste," the 29-year-old actress continued. "My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for."

Raven-Symoné, however, wasn't the only co-host to stir up drama on the show. Last month, Joy Behar had to apologize for mocking Miss America Kelley Johnson for a wearing a doctor's stethoscope during the talent portion of the competition. Kelly Osbourne, who was a guest co-host in August, also had to issue an apology after she offended Latinos while trying to diss Donald Trump.