A 29-year-old barber is lucky to be alive after he accidentally stabbed himself in the chest when he lost his footing and fell on his shears.

Steve Silva was cutting his customer’s hair at a salon in Boston on Friday when the unfortunate incident took place. Robert Russo, the owner of Boston Barber Co., said Silva had a spray bottle and comb in one hand and shears on the other when he lost his footing and fell forward.

"He turned and fell forward, and when he did, he fell with all his weight on his shears. As he popped back up on his knees, he said ‘Oh my God, I stabbed myself,'" Russo told Boston Globe.

Silva’s co-worker immediately called the ambulance. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent an emergency open-heart surgery.

"An inch to the left or right would have pierced his heart, and he would have died on the spot," Russo told the outlet on Tuesday.

"He was in intensive care for the last couple of days. They had to crack his chest open," he added.

Russo called Silva a "sweetheart of a kid," and said he worked at the barbershop for close to four years.

"He works six days a week. He never takes a day off," he said.

Meanwhile, Max Cohen, the customer whose hair Silva was cutting, told CBS Local, "He was walking around the back of the chair and all of a sudden he’s on the floor. I look down and I see blood. He says ‘oh my God, I stabbed myself’ and pulls a set of scissors out of his chest."

CCTV footage showed the co-worker and the customer jumping into action and compressing the wound while waiting for the ambulance.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the victim pay his medical bills.

"He has a very long, excruciating road to recovery. He is our brother, our friend, favorite barber and loyal employee. He works hard and he is always there for those he loves. We are asking for some help for not only the medical bills but the potential months he will be out of work. From the bottom of our heart, we appreciate anything you can do," the page stated.

Over $17,000 has been raised as of Tuesday night.

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A video showed two gunmen - using the same gun - take turns shooting a man inside a Bronx barber shop Friday. Representational image of a barber trimming the beard of a costumer at a barbershop in Lisbon on May 4, 2020. (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)