In an event Tuesday morning in New York City, Barnes & Noble Inc unveiled the latest addition to its line of Nook e-readers.

While the new product will simply be referred to as the new Nook, the bookseller has dubbed it has The Simple Touch Reader, as it features a 6-inch E-ink touch-screen display. The device will launch at $139, which is less than what the original Nook's current price.

Barnes & Noble's Nook Color began shipping last fall, and the company is hoping the latest Nook installment will grab a larger share of the e-reader market.

Last week, Liberty Media CEO John Malone announced his bid to purchase a 70 percent stake in Barnes & Noble, which put itself up for bid nine months ago. Malone has made the deal contingent on Barnes & Noble founder and chairman Lenny Riggio remaining with the company.

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