Duffey Basketball Wives La
DJ Duffey got into a fight with Tami Roman on Season 5, episode 14 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA.” Pictured: Duffey at the unveiling of Blac Chyna’s Emoji Collection in Hollywood, California, May 10, 2016. Getty Images

Jackie Christie’s girls trip to Portugal just took a scary turn for the worse and the drama may result in one woman being sent home early. On Sunday’s Season 5, episode 14 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA” Tami Roman attacks her co-star DJ Duffey.

Tami and Duffey have been feuding for several episodes. Their beef started after Tami fired Duffey as the director of her daughter Jazz’s music video. Duffey didn’t like the way Tami fired her and the two ladies started arguing over how everything happened. During the argument, Duffey said she would beat Tami up but didn’t want to fight her while her daughter was around.

Sunday’s episode kicks off with Jackie and Shaunie O’Neal calling hotel security to let them in Tami’s room because she missed breakfast and isn’t opening her door. They’re worried something may be wrong so they ask security to come up and open Tami’s door. Tami finally answers the door and tells them she had overslept and didn’t hear them knocking. Once Tami reunites with the group, they leave the hotel to go sightseeing.

At first the trip is going well because Tami and Duffey are avoiding each other. When they all go to lunch, Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo note how awkward things are because no one is talking. When Brandi points out that Duffey has been really quiet, the DJ assures the group that she’s fine and doesn’t have a problem with anyone at the table. Tami reminds Duffey that she told her that she wanted to fight her and now would be the perfect opportunity. Duffey tells Tami she’s over their feud and doesn’t have anything else to say about it.

After the girls grab lunch, they hop on the bus to take them to their next outing. On the bus Tami suggests they play a game of truth or dare, and surprisingly everyone is laughing and getting along. Back at the hotel, Tami tells Shaunie she’s been keeping a secret and confides in her friend that there’s a chance she’s pregnant. Tami says she wants Shaunie to be there when she takes a pregnancy test, but she doesn’t want to take one until the last day of their trip. Shaunie is excited about the possibility of Tami being pregnant but tells her she’s going to need to take it easy and avoid the drama. Tami says she can’t make any promises, and they head down to the beach to meet up with everyone else.

During the girls’ beach day, Jackie gets mad because she feels like no one is having a good time because of all the tension. She wants to get everyone drunk and goes to the bar with Duffey to order some drinks for the group. As Duffey and Jackie are ordering the drinks the ladies pack up everything on the beach and head back to the bus to leave and grab dinner. Jackie is angry because her trip isn’t going as planned.

During the meal, Duffey brings up her feud with Tami and says she’s not OK with what happened between them and she feels Tami lied to everyone about what really happened with Jazz and her being fired. Tami is starting to get mad but gets up and walks away from the table. Duffey is still talking about Tami, which causes Tami to turn around and come back to the table to confront Duffey. As Duffey is going on and on about their beef, Tami walks around the table and tries to attack Duffey but Brandi, Shaunie, Malaysia and several security guards rush forward to keep them apart. Duffey is still taking jabs at Tami and Tami is doing everything she can to get to Duffey but a security guard is holding her and won’t let her go. Brandi makes Duffey leave, and security finally lets Tami go. Tami tells Shaunie and Malaysia that her feud with Duffey isn’t over and the next time she sees her she’s going to beat her up.