Bat-fans around the world celebrated Batman Day last Saturday and with much fanfare, commemorated the fifth installment of the celebration and the Dark Knight's 80th anniversary.

It was a double deal, or pretty much more, of all things Bat. For one, Epic Games honored the Caped Crusader with a Fortnite x Batman crossover, while the developer's Games Store gave away not one, not two, but six Batman titles for free.

This year's Batman Day promises to be the biggest one yet, and it didn't disappoint, at least for those who are following the hero from its humble beginnings to what he is now and his inevitable future. Among the highlights of the celebration was the lighting of the iconic Bat-Signal in several major cities and yes, it looked like they're calling “ Batman” to join them on his special day.

'Batman: Arkham Knight' The "Batman: Arkham Knight" PC port was released Wednesday, but months of working on the game has not fixed all the problems. Photo: Rocksteady

Warner Bros. Montreal on the other hand had more things in mind, and it definitely left a mark not only among the fans of superhero, but for those who have been waiting for a new “Batman” game. While the studio tweeted that they are “proud” to be one of those who were celebrating Batman's 80th anniversary, they also included a 30-second video with a truckload of hints that could point to the fact that they're indeed working on a new “Batman” title.

The makers of Batman: Arkham Origins is now on the hot seat as, according to IGN, their “cryptic images” are spurring a lot of speculations. Four different symbols were discovered as it flashed behind a Bat-Signal.

Of course, things like these won't take long for Bat-fans to have it on their radar. Apparently, they took time to pause the clip just in time for the symbols to appear.

Out of the four that were posted by @NYCWallSpider, two came in as the most intriguing considering that one looked like a mask of the Court of Owl's strong arm, the Talons. The other resembles a “demon” that could mean that Ra'as al Ghul is at the helm.

For those that don't know, the Court of Owls is a secret society-cum-organized crime group who have been secretly existing in Gotham City since the olden times. The Talons, meanwhile, are assassins who have pledged their loyalty to the group that remain to be asleep “within their inner sanctum” until they are “called upon.”

On the other is Ra'as al Ghul, whose name literally translates to the “Head of the Ghoul,” or “The Chief Demon.” By this, Ra'as is the leader of the League of Assassins and is often sees bathing in the Lazarus Pit, a natural phenomenon that restores a person's health, heals injuries and even grant immortality.

Somehow, the tweet can be seen as a build-up to what Roger Craig Smith, Ryan Galleta and Gary Miereanu were talking about when they also hinted on a project that they cannot entirely divulge due to NDA. For now, fans can only wait and wish for more juicy details about the next Batman: Arkham game.