Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa says that people should wait before making jokes about Aquaman, a role he will be playing for the first time in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Reuters/Andrea Comas

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is going to be “amazing,” Jason Momoa said in a recent interview. The actor also addressed the issue of “fish jokes” that his character, Aquaman, has been subjected to over the years.

Momoa was at the Fan Expo Canada 2015 recently, and a video of his interview posted on ScreenRelish shows the actor talking about the forthcoming Zack Snyder movie. The actor is not allowed to reveal much about the movie, but he shared some details about it in general.

One thing that Momoa is excited about is being able to show the movie to his kids. The actor said that as a father it was going to be “really cool for a little bit” playing a superhero on screen. His two children are eight and six years old, and Momoa pointed out that they do not get to see him on screen for most of his projects.

Momoa has been a part of popular TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” which has a lot of nudity, and action adventure movies like “Conan.” The actor later said that he was both “honored and excited” to be playing Aquaman in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The actor will be reprising his role as the superhero in “The Justice League Part One” in 2017 and later in the 2018 solo movie.

The actor was also asked about the “fish jokes” relating to Aquaman. Momoa agreed that there have been a few jokes about his character for a while now and the actor’s response to them was to tell the fans to wait.

“Just wait for a little bit and then we can make jokes,” Momoa said.

Meanwhile, a new set of images from the movie have surfaced online. The images posted on Collider show the major characters Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Alfred (Jeremy Irons), Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and director Snyder. The new Batmobile can also be seen in one of the pictures.

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is slated to be released on March 25, 2016. It is one of the most highly anticipated DC movies of the year that will introduce characters like Aquaman and Wonder Woman for the first time on the big screen.