Gotham City may be relocating to the Motor City for the “Man of Steel” sequel, according to new rumors. Reuters

Fresh off the big reveal that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the “Man of Steel” sequel, whispers are beginning to grow that a new look might be coming to Gotham City as well.

In Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” film trilogy, Gotham City was portrayed by Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. Scenes from these cities were sometimes used simultaneously in the movies.

According to Latino Review, however, Detroit just might be the new home of the fictional city protected by the Dark Knight. The Review’s sources said the film’s production team has scouted locations for it in the Motor City. Currently offering hefty tax incentives for movies shot there, Motown is also the location of Michael Bay’s next untitled “Transformers” sequel, aka “Transformers 4.”

The Review’s sources also mentioned that Morocco was being considered for desert scenes in the film. The North African country was used to depict Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in “Sex and the City 2” and Mombasa, Kenya in “Inception,” as noted by The desert could serve as the perfect place for either Bruce Wayne or Lex Luther to discover kryptonite, the Latino Review speculated.

More facts about the film will be presented in coming months, though, so Gotham’s location will most likely be revealed soon. There is no guarantee Detroit will be the new home of Batman’s Gotham City, but the possibility is still positive news for the struggling city.