The internet craze of lying and perching in unusual places and then taking a photo of yourself just took a more dangerous twist in the form of batmanning: hanging upside down from raised surfaces by your feet.

It started as a simple trend: Planking. A game where a person lies down in the most obscure and dangerous places and then uploads their pictures onto the internet.

From planking grew the phenomenon of Owling, where people perch like owls on objects such as stair rails, statues, roofs.

Just as people started running out of creative planking and Owling photos a new community page launched on Facebook; Plowling, a hybrid of the two.

Now the craze is growing with new trends, more dangerous and fool hardy, being born by the day. The entertainment factor seems to comes more from those who fail while trying to attempt the sport.

The new sensation was started by a group of students at Purdue University who call themselves the Batman Boilers, who captured themselves upside down in a parking lot.

When we tried Batmanning and found out it was possible, we searched to find that no one had a successful Batmanning video, said Chris Ganz, a member of the Batman Boilers in a Twitter post.

After an Australian man died while planking earlier this year, Ganz urged people to use good judgement. We had people help us down, our buddy catch our feet, he said.