'Battlefield 1'
'Battlefield 1' CTE tweaks suggest possible changes to bullet spray and melee in the future. Will making guns more accurate make gameplay feel unrealistic? 'Battlefield 1' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. DICE/EA

Battlefield 1 gameplay testing is underway in the Community Test Environment, and the latest changes to 2016’s formula involve adjustments to bullet spray mechanics and melee. As cataloged on reddit and PVP Live, there could be some serious revisions in the months to come. In short, here’s what’s currently being investigated.

  • Console Aim Assist Lowered: This is especially true for the game’s shotgun weaponry
  • Less Muzzle Flash: No more being blinded by the Ribeyrolles 1918
  • Enemies Seizure Less For Headshots
  • Less Bullet Spread Increase, More Recoil
  • Tank Accuracy And Vision Decreased
  • C4 Damage Increased With Plans For AT Rocket Gun
  • Crosshairs Must Be On Enemy To Initiate Melee: Makes front melee harder and nerfs daggers overall
  • No More Instant Bayonet Charge: Bayonets can be mapped to a specific key so they are not confused with melee.

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The most controversial changes in the list above, of course, are the adjustments being pondered for bullet spray mechanics. On the surface having less spray sounds like an overall buff to make guns more accurate. That may feel better to less experienced players, but a purist might argue that additional accuracy takes away from the game’s realistic World War I setting. Part of the challenge of the conflict was its primitive firearms. Will removing that element negate what’s otherwise a unique quality?

As these tweaks haven’t been fully dispatched on the Battlefield 1 CTE, it’s hard to say for sure. After all, the recoil increase might do just enough to keep the existing steep learning curve alive. That being said, if balance is the goal, one would question if either attribute is worth being changed in the first place. That’s precisely what some PC players are going to find out.

These melee and bullet changes are part of a much larger Battlefield 1 developer program called the Roots Initiative. Launched about a month ago, the plan involves implementing refinements to movement, gadgets, modes, scoring and HUD. While not fully rolled out, the goal is to improve the core gameplay and mechanics that players have already mastered. With that understanding comes a tendency to abuse, and those habits are exactly what DICE hopes to curb in the months ahead.

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However, as with any major gameplay tweak published to the CTE, there’s no guarantee that all the changes listed here will actually make it to public servers. The purpose of the CTE is to test new features to see how they work. Anything that doesn’t pass the test will be scrapped. A fairly recent example of this would be March’s so-called Ammo 2.0 concept that placed gadgets on a cooldown timer with ammo as an optional augment. The system was so widely panned that it was quickly rolled back.

As Battlefield 1 inches towards legacy status in favor of Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE intends to continue support through free monthly content updates. So far we’ve seen multiple new maps and weapons in the CTE. A major development is expected for June.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The CTE is exclusive to PC.

What do you think of the weapon and melee changes listed above? Will they make Battlefield 1 better? Tell us in the comments section!