Battlefield 1 is slowly expanding with help from the game’s Community Test Environment, and one DICE producer has teased a big surprise for insiders. Might we get our first preview of a new DLC weapon? That certainly seems possible.

Wednesday, DICE’s David Sirland tweeted about a “good surprise” slated to come to the CTE this Friday. Not much more was said on the matter, so fan speculation has been kicked into overdrive.

Possibly the most viable clue we have about Battlefield 1’s forthcoming addition is a recent tweet from the franchise’s Russian Twitter account. The message shows a picture of the silenced 1911 pistol from the single-player campaign. In translated English, users are asked to like the post if they wish to test the gun on June’s Nivelle Nights map DLC. Given that both hints arrived hours apart from one another on official channels, we can’t imagine that link being a mere coincidence.

It’s also worth noting that any mention of silenced weapons in Battlefield 1 lines up perfectly with leaks we discussed earlier this week. Campaign guns like the silenced M1903 and C93 have been data mined and seen in multiplayer lobbies already. It’s clear that DICE is messing around with silencers these days, so a suppressed 1911 is well within the realm of possibility.

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What isn’t quite clear, however, is how this weapon and ones like it may tie to the “In The Name Of The Tsar” premium expansion coming this spring. Will these quieter guns be something season pass holders pay for, or will they be added later as part of a free content drop? Without knowing DICE’s official plans, it’s hard to say for sure. Regardless, even though this surprise will only pertain to CTE users on Friday, it will assumingly be available for everyone over the next few weeks or months.

The Battlefield 1 CTE launched at the beginning of 2017, and the recent Nivelle Nights content drop is one of the biggest perks its members have experienced yet. For those who haven’t seen the area's design, it revels in the classic World War I tactic of trench warfare. French and German forces clash on a map that looks like it will be quite troublesome for snipers.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The CTE is restricted to select community members with the PC version of the game.

What do you think Battlefield 1’s big CTE surprise will be? What do you want to see from spring’s DLC expansion? Tell us in the comments section!