• EA and DICE earlier confirmed that a new "Battlefield" game is underway
  • The game would be available on previous, current generation gaming consoles: EA
  • EA has not yet revealed specific release date of the next "Battlefield" game

Following an avalanche of leaks showcasing images, audio and footage of the next "Battlefield" game, a new leak reportedly showing the full trailer of EA and DICE's much-awaited game surfaced online.

The supposed full "Battlefield" trailer has been shared on ResetEra recently. Sadly, the footage has a large troll watermark all over it and of poor quality, which somehow prevents fans from fully deciphering its entire content. The supposed trailer does not reveal any hints about the game's narrative neither do they showcase its gameplay. The only key takeaway from the said leaked footage is that the game would feature a modern or a little futuristic setting.

A few days earlier, the supposed official name and the reveal trailer's screenshots of the next "Battlefield" game were leaked on Tom Henderson's Discord server. Henderson is one of the industry insiders who has been providing fans with leaks related to the upcoming title. The images were later shared on Imgur and polished by Twitter user Alaricdhuman.

Battlefield V
Battlefield V will be released on Oct. 19. Electronic Arts

Henderson has confirmed the leaked screenshots were indeed from the next "Battlefield" game's trailer. One of the images even showed the game's logo and seemingly confirmed the upcoming game would be called "BATTLEFIELD." As for the leaked screenshots, they look familiar because Henderson has leaked them a few weeks ago through a series of sketches. These images are not official so fans should take them with skepticism.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts has earlier confirmed that it would announce the next "Battlefield" game sometime in June. During its recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has revealed the sixth "Battlefield" series installment will be available in both previous generation and new generation gaming consoles. It has also shot down rumors that the game would only be exclusive to new generation consoles' PS5 and Xbox Series X.

"Battlefield will be available for both current-gen and next-gen as will our sports titles," the CEO noted during the game's recent earnings call. As for what the upcoming title would offer to fans, Andrew Wilson mentioned, "The game has everything fans love about Battlefield." The CEO also noted, "We’re excited to reveal the game to fans next month and share a lot more over the summer."