Battlefield 4
On Thursday, Electronic Arts DICE released a video showcasing new details of their new Levolution feature. YouTube/EA

Video game developer, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) DICE released a new video for their upcoming first-person shooter video game, “Battlefield 4," demonstrating its new dynamic battlefield system, Levolution.

While “Battlefield 3,” the predecessor to “Battlefield 4” featured destructible environments, Levolution adds to player interaction with their environment that can change at a moment’s notice. New paths can be created by destroying supports structures of awnings, raise bollards to block enemy vehicles, close building shutter gates and even collapse entire roadways.

However, Levolution isn’t limited just the destruction of the environment and blocking pathways. Metal detectors and car alarms can go off, alerting other players to your presence. Players can also shut off the lights in part of the environment to gain the upper hand on their opponents.

The ambient environment of the battlefield can change as well. For example, clouds of dust can cover an entire city or an island environment can become ravaged by storm, changing the environment and gameplay drastically.

Massive game changing events can also be triggered such as flooding an entire city and even collapsing a skyscraper.

"Battlefield 4 is scheduled to be released on October 29 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (PS3). Next-gen consoles including the Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One versions will follow shortly after its release.

Take a look at the new details on the “Battlefield 4” Levolution feature in the video above.