• A new "Battlefield" game is being developed for mobile devices
  • A regional tech test will begin this fall, with an official launch date scheduled for next year
  • The game will apparently feature modern-era warfare and weaponry

Electronic Arts is once again introducing one of its famous IPs into the mobile game market, this time in the form of “Battlefield Mobile.”

The gaming giant has been quiet in terms of publicity for “Battlefield Mobile.” Unlike its upcoming mainstream counterpart, the mobile game wasn’t announced in any major channels apart from the official “Battlefield” website.

DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson wrote that “Battlefield Mobile” will be unique from the original PC and console versions.

The mobile game was designed specifically for the platform, and “Battlefield Mobile” was getting built from the ground up by Industrial Toys, according to Gabrielson. The game will be as close to the original versions as possible, with the same kind of chaotic battles and skill-based gameplay taking priority.

“Battlefield Mobile,” despite having only been recently announced, is already scheduled to launch next year. An early tech test phase is set to begin this fall in Indonesia and the Philippines, according to EA. More regions will be added as testing capacity is expanded.

Battlefield Mobile can be seen in the Google Play Store as the game approaches an early testing phase in select regions Battlefield Mobile can be seen in the Google Play Store as the game approaches an early testing phase in select regions Photo: Electronic Arts

The game will be free to play like Activision’s “Call of Duty Mobile,” and all in-game purchases will only be for cosmetic items. “Battlefield Mobile” will have battle passes, collectible cosmetics and unique items that are not available in the other titles in the franchise.

Screenshots from the Google Play Store show that “Battlefield Mobile” will be set in the modern era. “Battlefield 3” content like the Grand Bazaar map and the FN F2000 assault rifle are featured on the store page, while the Assault class model appears to be based off of the generic U.S. Assault soldier from “Bad Company 2.”

The classic Conquest mode on Grand Bazaar will be the only playable map and game mode for “Battlefield Mobile” once the early tech test begins. However, other maps, modes, regional servers and more will be added to the test over time, similar to how “League of Legends: Wild Rift” handled its content schedule during its early regional beta phase.

Mobile game ports of famous franchises have been largely successful in certain regions, with the likes of “PUBG Mobile” and “Call of Duty Mobile” gaining huge communities of players in Southeast Asia and China.