“Catlateral Damage,” a first-person cat game from game developer Chris Chung, will finally be out Wednesday. The game features a good amount of playable cats, along with cel-shaded graphics and a concept that a lot of people will find humorous. 

“Catlateral Damage” started as a Kickstarter campaign but managed to reach its goal relatively quickly. According to Siliconera, the project was fully funded in 10 days and gained so much popularity that it was featured on NBC News and in Time magazine.

The concept of “Catlateral Damage” is simple: Control a cat and knock as many items around the owner’s house within the time limit, just like in real life. The more damage made around the house, the more points the player gets, though players will have to act fast because of the time limit.

According to the official website of “Catlateral Damage,” the concept is semi-based on Chung's actual cat named Nippy. According to Chung, Nippy is quite the mischievous cat.

Cat owners won’t be limited to using virtual Nippy, as Chung has also promised more playable cats will be available in the game, adding more variety in the cat simulator. There will also be multiple places to shred and destroy, with Chung stating in his developer blog that he’s hoping to add a museum as a bonus level.

People who love cats will most definitely love this game and they won’t have to wait too long to play it. “Catlateral Damage” will be available for the Windows PC via Steam and Ouya.

Catlateral Damage Infomercial (Credit: YouTube/FireHoseGamesVideos)