An Alaskan bear with a passion for watersports decided to take matters into his own hands earlier this week.

A young brown bear was caught jumping on top of a jet ski in Naknek River in the small community of King Salomon, Alaska. Graham Morrison, who owns a fishing guide service, snapped photos of the baby bear hopping on the Sea Doo, even putting his paws overtop the handles.

“Goin’ for a little jet ski ride,” Morrison posts alongside one of the photos of the adventurous baby bear on Facebook.

Morrison said the mama bear, who was nearby, was snacking on a fish in the water when her baby wanted to have a bite. Despite growling at his mom, the mother bear refused. In an effort to grab her attention, the younger bear jumped on the jet ski to get closer to her catch. At one point he slipped of the jet ski before climbing back up again, the Alaska Dispatch reports.

The area, which is rich in silver salmon fishing, has been kind of slow this year, Morrison said. Still, that didn’t seem to stop the mother bear from snagging a catch.

Brown bears, which live in forests in North America, Europe and Asia are known to congregate at prime salmon fishing spots during summer spawning, according to National Geographic. It’s common for dozen of bears to gather and feast on the fish as the salmon swim upstream – in an effort to store fat before the long winter begins. Despite averaging 700 pounds, brown bears are extremely fast, having been observed at 30 miles per hour.

Not all boat jumping bears are friendly. In 2008, a Canadian black bear jumped on sport fisherman’s boat and mauled him. Witnesses said it was difficult to pull the bear off the man who used gaffs, knives and hammers to get the bear off of the 52-year-old victim, the Associated Press reports.

The incident was rare, local officials said. “All the bears in Port Renfrew are pretty docile,” Fire Chief Dan Tennant told the AP. “They’re more afraid of people than people are of them and normally turn and high-tail it when they see people."