Weird Beard
Bearded men are more likely to cheat on their partner, steal something or get into a fight, suggests a latest study. Reuters

The fashion of having facial hair is becoming popular among men. However, a latest survey conducted by Eva and Censuwide gives a reason why women should not trust bearded men.

According to a latest study, bearded men are more likely to get into a fight, cheat on their spouses and lie.

During the survey, Eva and Censuswide surveyed 2,000 people to determine what they think or feel about facial hair. The survey found that more than 47 percent of the men with facial hair had cheated on their spouse, as compared to only 20 percent clean-shaved men.

In addition, the survey found that bearded men were more likely to get into an argument or a fight. Nearly 45 percent of men with facial hair reported of having caught up in a brawl, while 39 percent of the bearded men reported of getting into such an act.

The survey was not just restricted to loyalty and aggression. The study also found that bearded men were more likely to steal than non-bearded men. Nearly 40 percent of bearded men confessed to have stolen something in their life. On the other hand, only 17 percent of the men with no facial hair admitted committing the crime.

A similar survey conducted on women revealed that 65 percent of the women would "never consider getting romantically involved with a beard-wearer.” Nearly 44 percent of the women said that the idea of it being “unhygenic” puts them off at first.

“In my photography career I’ve certainly noticed attitudes are shifting in regards to long beards and mustaches,” said Jens Wilkhom from Eva, in an interview with The Independent. “Fashion changes so quickly, the beard trend is one that comes in every decade or so, but we might be seeing the end of the current beard cycle.”