Movember and No Shave November might sound like they are the same foundation, but they're not. Reuters

No Shave November is not the same as Movember even though the two might seem like they are interchangeable to some people. Noshember, which is also No Shave November, is all about “unity through hair" and Movember focuses on men's health. To help ease any possible confusion further, some of the differences and similarities between the two have been provided below.


One of the most obvious things that No Shave November and Movember have in common is they both involve people not shaving facial hair. Movember, however, focuses on the 'stache. In fact, it’s really all about the mo.' People are encouraged to grow out a mustache and keep it groomed during the 11th month of the year. No Shave November, however, is when men and women agree not to shave their beards or legs. While Movember does not exclude women from participating, No Shave November is a little more inclusive.


The rules for Movember are pretty concise. There are six rules for people to follow, and one of them includes shaving on the first of the month to make sure there is no “cheating.” No Shave November rules are a little more lenient. The “rules” are essentially just don’t shave, and the official site points out the different weeks when men versus boys, and women too, might start to look ridiculous after not shaving for a certain period of time.


No Shave November does not support or vet any charities or organizations. Instead, there is a portion of the site reserved for other charities to promote themselves. Movember, however, strongly encourages participants to donate money to its foundation to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancers, and men’s mental health awareness. Movember also holds events and encourages mustache-growers to throw parties to raise awareness and money.

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