One Direction
One Direction's global tour is the only event selling more tickets than the World Cup on the world's largest ticket exchange. Charles Poladian

Beliebers, a loose collection of deeply commited fans of teen pop idol Justin Bieber, have rushed to the aid of their frequent online rival group, Larry Shippers, on Twitter after Channel 4 aired a documentary called “Crazy About One Direction,” which the Shippers feel painted some One Direction fans in a less than positive light. Beliebers, really a sub-group of Justin Bieber fans, trended the hashtag:

#beliebersareherefordirectioners after 42 Larry Shippers reportedly committed suicide over the documentary.

For those who aren’t sure and are new to the One Direction phenomenon and drama, Larry Shippers is the name a segment of One Direction fans go by. Shippers, as they are also known, allegedly fantasize about or think there is a romance between 1D (as One Direction is also called) band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Some Larry Shippers, however, just believe the two boys have a bromance going on, or a strong male bond.

For boy band enthusiasts, Twitter can be like a drug, as some girls in the Channel 4 documentary said. Each of the One Direction members have millions of followers, and their fans have made #THISISNOTUS, #RIPLarryShippers and #beliebersareherefordirectioners trend throughout Thursday night and into Friday morning.

Both Bieber's and One Direction's fans are upset over how they were portrayed in the film, which could be where the rumor that 42 Larry Shippers are dead originated. If the mass suicide is true, it has yet to be verified. The official One Direction Twitter page has not addressed the rumor.

Plenty of people are taking the opportunity to poke fun at Larry Shippers and Directioners, with many adults shaking their heads and claiming online that teenagers today are "stupid."

It wasn’t that long ago that the #cutforbieber hashtag was making waves on Twitter. The hashtag referred to a rumor that some of Bieber's fans were supposedly taking razors to their wrists to stop the teen heartthrob from smoking marijuana in January 2013. After that topic trended on Twitter, it seems they understand what the British boy band's might be going through right now.

Check out some of the tweets Beliebers sent out to Larry Shippers on Friday below: