"Below Deck" experienced a major milestone this season by making it through without firing anyone.

"Well, we made it," Captain Lee said to the crew during the Season 3 finale which aired on Monday, Feb. 3, as reported by Bravo.

"This is the first time that I didn't have to terminate somebody. I think that says a lot," he continued.

That's right. In all of the seven seasons of the hit Bravo show, this is the first that Captain Lee hasn't thrown someone overboard (figuratively, of course). That doesn't mean that some cast members haven't threatened to leave on their own.

This season fans watched as Kate Chastain, a cast member since Season 2 of "Below Deck," almost called it quits after a heated night out with her fellow crew members. After sleeping on it, she decided against it and came ready to work the next morning.

Fans were very emotional that Season 7 of the show has concluded but they can look forward to seeing the crew reunited when the reunion show airs. Take a glimpse at the seating chart below:

Although "Below Deck" is a wrap, for the time being, fans of the show can keep occupied with "Below Deck Sailing Yacht."

Viewers should recognize Captain Glenn Shephard from "Below Deck Mediterranean" in the new series, however, the rest of the cast are all fresh faces. They are Chef Adam Glick, Chief Stewardess Jenna MacGillivray, Chief Engineer Byron Hissey, Second Stewardess Madison Stalker, Third Stewardess Georgia Grobler, First Mate Paget Berry, and Deckhands Ciara Duggan and Parker McCown.

The spin-off series is set on a luxury sailing yacht with the new crew and demanding charter guests looking to enjoy their time as they cruise along the crystal-clear blue waters of Corfu, Greece. The first episode is available for streaming here.

"Below Deck Sailing Yacht" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Below Deck
Kate Chastain described her "Below Deck" co-stars in different font. Bravo