Christine Ouzounian, a former nanny for Ben Affleck’s children, claimed she had an affair with the actor, and Affleck had so far denied the allegations. However, the “Gone  Girl” star recently apologized to Garner about the way his alleged relationship with Ouzounian went public, Radar Online reported Friday.

“Ben took responsibility for his relationship with their former nanny, Christine Ouzounian,” an insider told Radar Online. “The relationship had started after the couple had already split up, but Jen was humiliated when the relationship went public.”

“Christine often complained to Ben that Jen was being overly critical of her work with their three kids,” the source reportedly said. “Jen had felt that she was being unfairly attacked by Ben, and couldn’t understand why at the time. They were trying to co-parent their kids but Ben was just being a real bear to deal with. Now she realizes what was really going on.”

“Ben was truly sorry when he apologized to Jen, and she thought it was a very good step moving forward,” the source said.

Affleck and Garner sought out a Los Angeles marriage counseling center to help them make the transition as smooth as possible for their three kids. The two were photographed at the time, smiling as they left the California counseling center.