The ability of a company to either scale up or down in the shortest time possible is slowly becoming a necessity in this modern era as businesses grow and evolve. The addition of new staff, for example, requires the company to change its phone system to be able to accommodate the new lines.

This, however, is harder to implement with traditional phone systems due to its higher maintenance and set up cost, its reliance on the IT team, and its need for onsite hardware. A cloud-based phone system, on the other hand, enables you to cost-effectively manage all your communication needs in a much simpler way.

Below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by your company when you switch from a traditional to a cloud-based phone system.

1. Getting a fully integrated communications system

It goes without saying that integrating your company’s everyday applications with a cloud-based business phone system for workflow and business processes does aid in increasing efficiency.

Cloud-operated business tools are quite easy to deploy, which enables your employees to be always connected whether within the office or are on the move. In other words, cloud connectivity not only allows a business presence that is consistent but also increases your companies productivity with unrivaled access to email, video, and voice conferencing, instant messaging, and CRM tools.

2. Allows control over other modes of communication within your company.

A cloud-operated phone system puts your company in total control, which allows it to identify and choose the features it needs, allowing them to either turn them off or on effortlessly.

Additionally, cloud services allow your employees to access their calling features at any time or place using their desk phone, smartphone, or softphone. What is even better, they can also have real-time access to their vital business software.

3. Cloud access offers top-line business features

Depending on the size of your company, a cloud-based phone system typically gives smaller companies access to a variety of network applications that would otherwise be found in larger companies. These features include things such as Auto Attendant, Call Center solutions, Virtual Assistant, and Never Miss a Call solutions.

4. Its Ease of use and mobility

In these modern times, the workspace is slowly becoming more mobile, and there is a need to operate your company from different locations. With a cloud-based system running in your company, however, employees have quick and easy access to features that in turn allow them to log in while on the go anywhere they are.

This feature allows revenue-producing and customer-facing employees better control over their productivity levels.

5. Allows time efficiency and management

Through cloud-based solutions, your IT staff are able to effectively manage their system more efficiently. Cloud-based systems give insight into various customer parameters such as installation, trouble tickets, billing and call analytics, service configuration, and training.

This complete access to the customer’s account and the system allows the staff to concentrate better on work that adds to the bottom line and dials down on the resources they would have spent on project management.

Additionally, cloud solutions can easily be integrated with applications that are cloud-based which provides out-of-office employees with all the features they need, which allows them to work as if they were working from the office.

6. Ability to scale up or down promptly.

As your company grows, it is inevitable that you will hire new employees, welcome new customers, and open up new offices. All these changes require a communications system that can either scale up or down immediately when the need arises. A cloud-based phone system does so swiftly and in the shortest time possible.

With a cloud-based phone system in your company, you have the ability to add as many extensions as you would want to handle increased call volume or call in to dial back on the extra extensions when the demand lowers.

With cloud-based systems, you only pay for the extensions you need and when you need them

7. Allows the continuity of your business

A cloud-based phone system allows your company to maintain contact with your customers regardless of the environment. Cloud operations are not affected by factors such as severe weather that may stop your employees from showing up at the office.

With this system, the presence of your company is consistently maintained as your staff has access to the tools they require to perform their functions at all times.

8. Cloud-based phone systems lead to improved customer service

With features such as Auto Attendant and Virtual Receptionist (VR), your company can effortlessly direct calls to other departments in the event that they are unavailable at the time and even create special greetings that are unique to a certain department.

For example, your company can set up holiday greetings way in advance and revert to normal greetings once the holidays are over. This can easily be done via the administrative portal by keying in the specific dates you want to turn the greetings on or off.


Cloud-based phone systems are not only cost-effective but also future-proof your company in terms of communications with your staff and the staff within themselves. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and switch from traditional phone systems for unrivaled connectivity.