• Three-star weapons are strong and cheap alternatives to five-star weapons
  • These weapons are easier to obtain and refine
  • Their relatively low base values are offset by their refinement passives

It’s true that some of the best weapons in “Genshin Impact” fall under the five-star category, but this doesn’t mean that the three-star weapons in the game are completely useless. These weapons still have their uses well into the late-game, and they’re great for veterans and newcomers alike.

It may be tempting to spend hard-earned Primogems on the game’s weapon banners, but it’s worth noting that even five-star characters can synergize extremely well with three-star weapons.

Here are some of the best weapons that players should keep an eye out for.

Why bother with three-star weapons?

The base values of three-star weapons won’t be as high as their higher-tiered counterparts, but they are significantly easier to obtain through the gacha or by opening chests around Teyvat. Players can quickly grab multiple versions of one weapon and refine it all the way to Level 5.

The Skyrider Greatsword in Genshin Impact The Skyrider Greatsword in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

The passive effects of most three-star weapons aren’t too shabby. In fact, they’re extremely valuable for the price and effort spent to obtain them. This makes these weapons great choices for beginners and as budget weapons for secondary or tertiary characters.

White Tassel

The White Tassel spear grants innate CRIT Rate and a passive bonus to Normal Attack damage, making it a great choice for characters like Xiao and Hu Tao who rely on normal attacks. This weapon can be obtained only from chests in Liyue.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Thrilling Tales is the best weapon for support catalyst users because of its ability to buff a character’s damage output by up to 48%. Barbara in particular can make the most use of this weapon thanks to her heal’s max HP scaling.

Skyrider’s Greatsword

This claymore is perfect for physical damage carries like Razor because of its innate Phys DMG bonus and passive that buffs Normal/Charged Attack damage by up to 40%. It’s more consistent than the Debate Club in terms of buff uptime, but the latter is better for players who want ATK% instead of Phys DMG%.

Harbinger of Dawn

This sword grants both CRIT Damage and CRIT Rate in one package so long as the user’s HP is over 90%. Characters with a shield or strong healing like Albedo and Qiqi can make the most use out of this weapon.