• Google's Nest Hub does more than show photos
  • Google Assistant allows the Nest Hub to be an all-around assistant with a display
  • The Nest Hub can even be used as a Chromecast target for certain apps

Google's Smart Home Display, the Nest Hub, is more than just eye candy inside the home. This Google Assistant-powered display can do so much more than tell time, show photos and check the weather.

The Nest Hub can be a useful tool that will help keep things in order, entertain people around it, and can even be used as an interpreter for those times when friends from other countries come over to visit. The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can do these things and more, thanks to Google Assistant.

Here are some things that users can do with their Nest Hub device, aside from the basics, courtesy of the folks at Android Police.

  • Play content from a smartphone

While most users know that the Nest Hub can be used to play YouTube videos, not many know that the smart home display can also be used as a Chromecast target. That's right – users can cast what they are watching on their smartphone so that it will play on the Nest Hub.

To do this, users will simply need to press the Cast button in a compatible app, and set the Nest Hub as a target. This makes it pretty good for sharing. Not all apps support this feature, however.

  • Act as a digital translator

The Nest Hub can use Google Translate to serve as a two-way interpreter that will help users talk to people who speak in another language. There are some caveats to this feature, however: it only works with around 30 languages as of now, and can be expected to have some problems especially with longer, more complex sentences.

  • Showcase Google Photos

Since the Nest Hub has access to the user's library of images in Google Photos, it can be used to display images that users want to show. Users can simply tell the Assistant to “show my photos from [insert location here]” for the images to be shown on the Nest Hub's display. This can be great way to share memories with family and friends.

  • Set up Routines

Users can set up certain routines that the Google Assistant on the Nest Hub will follow. These routines can then be activated by a command phrase that users can set. This feature makes it easier for users to have the device do a particular task.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant powers the Nest Hub. REUTERS/Yves Herman