Apple has recently revealed the iPhone 11 to the public. The tech giant has clearly improved many of the iPhone’s hardware for its 2019 iteration. However, are these improvements enough to convince Apple fans to upgrade? Check out all the upgraded features below. 

Improved Camera

So far, most of the iPhone 11’s major features are on its front and back cameras. Camera improvements include increased megapixels, 100 percent Focus Pixels to help with focusing faster in low light environments, and Night Mode. The iPhone 11 also has an ultra-wide camera functionality that allows its users to have a 120-degree field of view in their shots.

Other than taking pictures, the iPhone 11 also accommodates taking high quality videos since it can now record 4K videos with the Ultra Wide camera and slow motion video shots using the front camera. Overall, photos, videos, and selfies posted on social media are vastly improved with the new iPhone’s upgraded hardware.

In addition, the camera also has the Audio Zoom feature which also adjusts the sounds in the video according to the zoom setting. The camera system on the back of the iPhone 11 is equipped with the aforesaid plethora of features.

Harder, Better, Faster iPhone

Just like every new iPhone generation, Apple has always pushed out smartphones with better specs. Even though the iPhone 11 was barely talked about, its hardware features are easily better than its predecessors.

The iPhone 11 has a 20 percent faster GPU compared to the previous generation with its better chipset. Moreover, battery efficiency and capacity have been improved for this iteration of the iPhone.

Other than its internal hardware, the iPhone 11 has also been made to be more durable for any potential accidents that could happen to it. The screen is made of the toughest glass this time around because many fans have been complaining  about the previous iPhones being broken easily compared to their market rivals. Lastly, the device is also IP68-certified, which means it’ll still work after being submerged 2 meters deep in the water for 30 minutes.

Competitive Price

The cheapest iPhone 11 costs $699 for its introductory price. The previous generation iPhones started with the lowest price of $749. With all its improvements, the iPhone 11 is definitely a snag and worth the upgrade.