The new watchOS 6 update introduces new features for the latest Apple Watch Series 5. The new Apple Watch will be equipped with many helpful apps and even access to the App Store. Here are some nifty tricks and other tips you can try out with the new features as of watchOS 6 on the latest Apple Watch.

New App Store

As of the watchOS 6 update, the Apple Watch now has a new App Store installed. Opening the App Store section on the Watch app would not show anything

However, the standalone App Store app it’s fully operational and working. Similar to the iPhone App Store, owners will be shown curated lists of top apps and other collections of apps. Searching for apps can be done through voice or doodling on the Apple Watch’s screen. Paid apps are also available for the Apple Watch.

Once you find apps you like, press the “Get” button and it’ll be installed in your Apple Watch.

Calculator App

The Apple Watch Series 5 with the watchOS 6 also has a built-in calculator app which removes the need to download a third-party version.

More than a regular calculator  feature, the Apple Watch calculator has a dedicated Tip feature which helps friends split bills and tips whenever eating out or paying something collectively.

Noise App

One of the new apps for the Apple Watch in the latest update is the Noise app. This app will turn your Apple Watch into an instrument that can measure decibels and is integrated with the Health app.

Decibels are measurements used to gauge how loud the sound is in number form. Higher decibel readings means you’re in an area with a loud sound. This app will advise its users to leave the area if it detects an extremely loud sound in which long exposure could lead into ear damage.

The app also automatically detects these loud noises even if not activated beforehand.

Books App

Even with the improvements to the Apple Watch, using the Books app still doesn’t have a big enough screen for reading. However, the Apple Watch also supports audiobooks through this app.