Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy on Saturday, further proving that joining the cast of "The Real Housewives" means you probably won't be a wife for too long.

On Dec. 23, Frankel announced her split from Hoppy, who she married in 2010.

"It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating,” she said. "This was an extremely difficult decision that, as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family.”

The star joins a lengthy list of “The Real Housewives” divorces that so far includes the following:

Jeana Keough, 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'

Jeana and Matt Keough were one of the first high-profile “Housewives” couples, appearing in the show’s first three seasons with their three children. The pair called it quits during season three of the inaugural "Real Housewives"  reality series. According to, Wet Paint, the former MIB pitcher’s personality-affecting head injury and rehab stint is said to have played a part in the demise of the relationship.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, 'The Real Housewives of New York'

Fans of the reality series were shocked when Countess LuAnn and Alexandre de Lesseps ended their 16-year union in 2009. But according to Jezebel, the couple, who seemed the picture of marital perfection, had been living apart for years prior to their split with rumors that theirs was an open marriage. At the time of the split, the count was reportedly having an affair with an Ethiopian princess.

Cat Ommanney, 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'

Cat and Charles Ommanney split in late 2010 after two years of marriage. Charles, an award-winning photojournalist, later revealed that the series had a hand in destroying his relationship with the famed social climber.

"In a way, I was naïve and foolish to sign off on doing this,” Charles told the New York Times. “But, at the end of the day, it was innocent. I wanted happiness for someone I was in love with. ... Then, I regretted it. I lost touch with everyone, and mix that with my marriage falling apart and the show taking over, it was very sad."

Tamra Barney, 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'

Twelve years and three children into their marriage, Tamra and Simon Barney announced they were getting divorced. The derailment of their rocky relationship played out before millions. In the divorce papers (filed in 2010), Simon, a businessman, accused the sometimes-real estate agent of being abusive and unfaithful. Tamara denied Simon’s claims via her Facebook page.

“Thanks to everyone who understands and supports me,” she posted. “For the record, all accusations are false.”

Camille Grammer, 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Camille and Kelsey Grammer ended their 16-year union in 2010, in a highly publicized divorce that was clearly a humiliation for Camille, who said on the show that she tried desperately to save their marriage -- even after Kelsey had an affair with stewardess Katye Walsh, who he later married.

DeShawn Snow, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

DeShawn and Eric Snow, who were married for three years and had three children together, split in May of 2010. According to Atlanta Access, the charitable socialite and the former NBA player were deemed "too human for a circus show" by the producers of the series and therefore appeared in only one season of the show.

Taylor Armstrong, 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

In July 2011, Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce from Russell Armstrong, her husband of six years. A month later, the businessman took his life. According to the Daily Beast, Russell was facing mounting debt, a lawsuit and Taylor’s public claims that he abused his ex-wife, which he denied.

Lisa Wu, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell, who married in 2005, split in August of 2011. Wu and the former NBA star, which have one child together, were rumored to have split for financial reasons, yet the businesswoman denied such claims via Twitter.

"Sadly. We r separated but wld NEVER b over money,” she tweeted. “That is so far frm the truth. Wish ppl cld respect ppl's privacy during times like these."

Michaele Salahi, 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'

First known to the world as the White House crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi spit in 2012 after nearly 10 years of marriage. According to TMZ, the pair split over Michaele's affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

NeNe Leakes, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Though rumors swirled that NeNe and Gregg Leakes were faking their marital problems for the cameras, the pair, who married in 1997, officially divorced in April of 2012. Yet in recent months, they have been spotted together on numerous occasions, prompting many to believe that the couple had reconciled.

Last week, during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, NeNe revealed that her ex-husband proposed to her on New Year’s Eve.

"Well ... a little after midnight," the star said. "I was asked this beautiful question: Will you marry me -- again?"

Stacie Scott, 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'

After 14 years of marriage and two children, Stacie Scott and Jason Turner announced their split in February 2012. The real-estate agent and the business consultant were one of the few drama-free couples to appear on the series, so the split was somewhat unexpected.

“We remain friends,” Scott told the Washington Post, “committed to our family and focused on our children.”

Adrienne Maloof, 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif split in August 2012 after 10 years of marriage. Maloof and the plastic surgeon, who have three children, reached a settlement late last year after a bitter divorce battle. Maloof publically accused her ex-husband of abusing her and their children. The Huffington Post reports that the claims were later deemed unfounded.