After an extremely lengthy legal battle, “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer has finally settled his divorce with Camille Grammer. 

TMZ reports that after first filing for divorce in July 2010, the couple of 13 years has been unable to come to a firm agreement regarding their roughly $60 million in assets, including three homes. 

Camille Grammer first filed for divorce in 2010, after learning that Kelsey had fallen in love with his new partner,  Kayte Walsh. The divorce became official in February 2011, but the former couple has been unable to come to an agreement on their assets until now.

The biggest victory in the settlement came for her. A few months back, Kelsey took the couple’s Beverly Hills house off the market, hoping that he could continue living there with Walsh; however, Camille Grammer was able to win the rights to sell the house.

Their former Beverly Hills home is now on the market for the asking price of $15,995,000.

Camille Grammer has been discussing the lengthy divorce battle in public for some time. During an appearance on "Anderson Live," she said, "We are going to meet before a judge again very soon, so hopefully this time it will be over," before asking Grammer, "Release me! Set me free!"

Kelsey Grammer first became famous in the 1980s for his role as Fraiser Crane in “Cheers.” After that sitcom ended, Grammer continued to portray the same character in the spin-off “Fraiser.”