Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer Betty Shelby, who was charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting a black man, has been released on $50,000 bond, the Associated Press (AP) reported Friday. She surrendered to authorities early Friday after prosecutors pressed the charge against her for killing Terence Crutcher.

Tulsa County jail records showed that the 42-year-old was released at 2:31 a.m. EDT, according to the AP. Charges against her were filed Thursday because she “reacted unreasonably” when she shot the unarmed man, District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler reportedly said.

The shooting took place last Friday after Crutcher’s SUV broke down. According to Shelby, she shot Crutcher when he reached into the car through a window instead of following orders to show his hands. However, the family’s attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons refuted Shelby’s claims saying that video evidence showed that the window was rolled up.

Scott Wood, Shelby’s lawyer, said that the officer believed that 40-year-old Crutcher was under the influence of the synthetic drug PCP. Investigators reportedly found a vial of PCP in Crutcher's SUV.

The Crutcher family’s attorney said that the family didn't know if the drugs were found in his vehicle, however, even if it were the case, it did not justify the shooting.

Crutcher’s shooting triggered protests in Tulsa but they have been peaceful. The Department of Justice has launched another investigation to examine whether Crutcher’s civil rights were violated.