Beyonce covers 'Flaunt' magazine Flaunt

Beyonce is on the cover of the next Flaunt magazine, which will be released mid-July, and showing off her figure wearing nothing but body paint. The 31-year-old superstar mother, who gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy last January, looks curvy and toned in brown, purple and blue body paint.

This is certainly Beyonce’s most revealing cover since her GQ photo in February, where she posed in a cutoff shirt, red leopard print hot pants and a thick gold chain.

Inside the Flaunt spread, she dons a variety of artistic looks, including orange hair, purple paint, and even blackface. Beyonce discusses her status as a “gay icon,” her private image, and more.

She is asked about gay men being drawn to and empowered by her and compared to “gay icons” Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Madonna. “What is it about you, and those women, that gay men love?” interviewer Megan Bedard asks, to which she replies, “I'm flattered if I'm in the company of those great women. I think they love that we are bold, unafraid to love, and flaunt our sexuality and strength.”

The diva is also asked about her image and how she has controlled public access to her off-stage life. “I have chosen to keep certain aspects of my life private. But I also love sharing what makes me happy, especially through photography,” she replied. Beyonce, who is noted for keeping her personal life private, recently started sharing more with fans through a blog which captures behind-the-scenes moments, including concert pictures and more intimate moments with her family. The star also recently joined the popular picture-sharing site Instagram.

The Houston native is currently on her “Mrs. Carter” world tour, and is working on her fifth solo album. Read the rest of Beyonce's interview here.