In a question-and-answer conference call on Monday, President Joe Biden told the nation's governors that more work needs to be done to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and that states must do their part.

"Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level," Biden said from the White House. "That ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. And that's where the patient is in need of help, or preventing the need for help."

Biden also pledged his support for states struggling with cases as the Omicron variant has quickly spread in recent weeks.

“We just have to stay focused and continue to work together. If you need something, say something. And we’re going to have your back in any way we can,” Biden told the 25 governors.

Biden’s comments came after his administration ordered an additional 500 million home testing kits that will be free of charge. The administration plans to mobilize an additional 1,000 military doctors and nurses to assist hospital staff, while FEMA will deploy hundreds of ambulances and EMS crews to transport patients.

“Seeing how tough it was for some folks to get a test this weekend shows that we have more work to do. We’re doing it,” Biden said.

The Omicron variant makes up 73% of coronavirus cases in the U.S. as early data from southern Africa and the U.K. show that infections more often result in mild symptoms but spread easier than other strains of the virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven-day moving average has increased by 1.5% to 122,297. Hospitalizations have climbed by 4.4% to 7,814.