Bieber-haters flood Twitter, 'RIP Justin Bieber' tops Trending Topics
Bieber-haters on Saturday joined forces on Twitter to make 'RIP Justin Bieber' a Trending Topic. The search term also landed on Google Trends within a few hours. Reuters

‎If you thought the whole world loved the latest teen sensation, Justin Bieber, think again! Bieber-haters on Saturday joined forces on Twitter causing 'RIP Justin Bieber' top the Trending Topics. Consequently, the search term also landed on Google Trends within a few hours.

dj_pratik tweeted, RIP JUSTIN BIEBER ??? haha.....the best trending topic ever =P i wish this HOAX is really true =P .

One of the posts that has been retweeted increasingly is that of a user called VirisDecorus, who wrote, Whoever started the RIP Justin Bieber rumour is sick. It's not right to get people's hopes up like that.

Another user called Jesus_M_Christ, whose tweets are predominantly satirical on religion, wrote, RIP Justin Bieber? Oh Hell no. We want nothing to do with him in the afterlife.

The hateful comments did not spare the fans as well.

Heytherehannahh‎ posted, i love how RIP JUSTIN BIEBER is a trending topic.. i wonder how many beliebers have killed themselves yet..

RIP JUSTIN BIEBER: 99% teens would cry if Beiber was about2 jump off a tower. If ur the 1% sittin there w popcorn screamin DO A BACKFLIP, said a tweet on the official parody account of the Family Guy character, PeterGriffyJr, urging retweets to spread the hatred.

Some wondered why the topic continued to trend. Parmo526523 wrote,‎ Can't believe RIP Justin Bieber is trending, wat, for lke the 20th time this month ? Why r ppl such h8trs wait didn't I jus help them? Lol

But, its a vicious cycle, by hate or love, Bieber's popularity is just growing declared few fans, while another fraction of fans tried to neutralise the hate by expanding the 'RIP', which connotes 'Rest in Peace', to mean something positive

JustinBieberAVN wrote, RIP Justin Bieber. RIP = Really Incredible Person ;)

JBieberGorgeous came up with: RIP = Really Inspirimg Person , so RIP Justin Bieber :-)

Some 'Bieblers' also wondered why the microblogging site would not remove the 'hateful' topic from its trending list.

Bradarsenault‎ tweeted, i'll be the first to say it. The whole RIP JUSTIN BIEBER trending topic is just sick.

Activity Graph & BuzzOmeter on Twitscoop states,Scoop rip justin bieber detected on 15 January 2011. The topic, which has a ranking of 1/5 on the buzz meter, has peaked and is gradually declining.

RIP JUSTIN BIEBER, is currently heading the Twitter Trending Topics list, followed by missamerica, pinkfridaylyrics, NFC Championship, Georgia Dome, Joe Buck, Aaron Rogers, Kevin Greene, and Matty Ice.