We’re just two episodes into “Big Brother” 2022 and it looks like there is already a clear target for eviction in the house.

In Season 24, episode 2, houseguest Paloma made it clear she felt her co-star Taylor, a former beauty queen, was “digging” a hole for herself in the game by only associating with the men. The California home remodeler continued to secure her spot in the game by solidifying an alliance consisting of most of the females in the house, a group called Girls Girls.

Later in the show, Paloma reached out to this week’s Head of Household, Daniel, to share her findings about Taylor with him. Despite agreeing with Paloma that he didn’t know where Taylor stands in the game, he ultimately decided to nominate two men instead— Terrance and Michael.

However, according to Big Brother Network, Taylor’s safety was short-lived. After the house held its first Veto ceremony on Tuesday, Michael, who won the power of Veto, decided to use it on himself. This left HOH Daniel to name another nominee, choosing Taylor to sit on the block.

As noted by the site, Taylor is currently the biggest target in the "Big Brother" house, meaning she is likely going to get evicted come Thursday.

(From left) Terrance, Taylor, and Michael from "Big Brother" Season 24. CBS

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