James Huling
James Huling recently won over Natalie Negrotti in their recent pie face challenge. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 18 houseguest James Huling recently paid tribute to her girlfriend, Natalie Negrotti.

On his Instagram account, James posted a photo of himself with Natalie when they attended a bar mitzvah. The Texas native captioned the snap by calling Natalie beautiful and saying that she has not changed since the first time they knew each other in the CBS reality TV show. He added that Natalie is the best human and best girlfriend ever.

Since leaving “Big Brother,” James and Natalie have gone on with their lives separately, but the couple has managed to reunite every now and then. After spending Christmas and New Year’s Day together, James spoke in front of middle school students against bullying. Bullies Reality organized the movement where Natalie is also a part of. James posted a series of photos from the event that took place on Jan. 10.

James was originally part of “Big Brother” Season 17 where he went home with $20,000 after being named America’s Favorite Houseguest. He was invited back on the reality TV show the next summer for another chance at winning $1 million. While there, James and Natalie clicked immediately, and the two have stuck with each other throughout the game. However, Natalie also failed to bring home the $1 million. In fact, she was booted out of the game just a few weeks short of the finale.

In the end, Nicole Franzel, who was previously part of “Big Brother” Season 16, brought home the grand prize. Nicole and James also worked together towards the latter part of the game, but Natalie urged James to not do so because Nicole’s a dangerous player. James didn’t listen to Natalie, and the two of them had one big fight on the show thereafter.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will premiere on CBS sometime this June.