James Huling
James Huling recently won over Natalie Negrotti in their recent pie face challenge. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 18 alums James Huling and Natalie Negrotti have finally reunited after weeks of being apart.

On his Instagram account, James shared an adorable photo with his girlfriend. Natalie traveled to South Carolina from New York to be with her man. In the snap, the couple can be seen enjoying a platter of oysters.

The couple was last photographed together two weeks ago when they traveled to New Jersey. They were also together on Thanksgiving. At the time, James and Natalie pranked their fans by posting a photo of an engagement ring. James was also photographed kneeling in front of Natalie while holding her hand.

Since leaving the “Big Brother” house last season, James and Natalie have made their relationship official. While inside the house, the then-best friends hugged and kissed each other a lot. They also gave each other support by working together and aligning their games with each other. Unfortunately, neither of them won the $500,000 grand prize, but both managed to end up in the Jury House.

While speaking with Big Brother Network, Natalie admitted that her relationship with James took over her goal of winning Season 18. “I definitely let the relationship with had in the house take over me for a while. I care about him so much. I put him in front of me in the game and I tried to protect him just like he tried to protect me,” she said.

Meanwhile, James was already proud of himself for landing in third place in Season 18. But he’s even more proud to have Natalie in his life. While speaking with Cartermatt back in September, James admitted to connecting with Natalie on a personal level. At the time, he was positive that they would eventually end up together.

“Big Brother” Season 18 aired its final episode on Sept. 21 on CBS.