Big Sean has opened up about his breakups with singer Ariana Grande and “Glee” actress Naya Rivera. "Man, you know, I don't plan relationships," the 27-year-old rapper told Entertainment Tonight at the 2015 BET Awards on Sunday. "They just happen. That's all it is. I'm just ... I'm just living it ... You know, we just out here doing what we doin'. Feelin' it out."

The "Blessings" rapper was engaged to Rivera in October 2013 but the two separated in April 2014. Sean started dating Grande and the couple made their first red carpet appearance at the 2015 Grammy Awards in February. Despite a lot of public displays of affection and visible chemistry, the couple called it quits in April.

However, Sean does not have any harsh feeling toward any of his ex-girlfriends. He has learned from each episode and moved on. "There's no mistakes in life, though, there's only lessons," said the rapper. According to Us Weekly, Grande and Sean still “deeply care for each other and remain close friends."

However, Grande addressed her breakup issues and said that she is tired of explaining herself to others. "I'm honestly so tired of talking about dating and my love life and everything,” she told the Mirror. “I'm kinda doing my thing right now. People don't ask the men. It's like, 'Is that the only thing we have to talk about? Is that the only thing women are relevant for, is their relationship with men?' No. We're absolutely perfectly fine on our own and we can talk about our music, our work, our kick-ass tours around the world. Why don't we talk about that as opposed to who we're currently flirting with?"