Billie Lourd wrote an essay for Time magazine in which she detailed her life with her mom, beloved Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher. In her opening statement, the actress said she “grew up with three parents: a mom, a dad, and Princess Leia.” 

At first, Lourd discussed that she never really connected with “Star Wars.” According to Fisher, Lourd always found it “too loud” and asked her mom to turn it off whenever she put it on for her. Throughout most of her childhood, she said she never watched the “Star Wars” movies. 

Lourd, 27, opened up about the relationship between her and her late mom and said she never saw it from the perspective of Fisher as an actor, or as Princess Leia. She was just her mother, someone who actively extinguished any thoughts of Lourd becoming a future actor herself. 

Lourd got around to watching “Star Wars” when some boys in her class told her they had “fantasized” about her mom. After watching it, she realized that “Star Wars” was something special and that “no one is, or ever will be, as hot or as cool as Princess [expletive] Leia.”

To Lourd, Princess Leia was a “stepmom” who lived on another “planet,” someone she didn’t recognize as her mother. Yet, when she finally watched “Star Wars” and learned to appreciate the character, Leia became her “guardian angel” with Lourd being “her keeper.”

Carrie Fisher, Billie Lourd Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher attend the Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilms’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on Dec. 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Photo: Getty Images/Jason Merritt

Lourd secretly had the desire to act but was discouraged from it by both her parents. It wasn’t until after she graduated college that she gave it an honest try. J.J. Abrams contacted her and asked if she’d want to audition for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” While maintaining her cool, she accepted and upon auditioning, she got the part of Lieutenant Connix in the 2015 film.

She was able to work alongside Fisher, whose constant need to check up on her daughter proved to be embarrassing and an annoyance to Lourd. Yet, after her first day on set they had a moment on the ride home when Fisher told her that she was, in fact, cut out for the business. 

Lourd has since acted in all the newly released “Star Wars” films, as well as in a recurring role in “American Horror Story.” 

Lourd also gave some details on the future plans for “Star Wars.” Unfortunately, the upcoming installment was "supposed to her Leia's movie," she said. Similarly, Todd Fisher, Carrie's brother, told Yahoo Entertainment that “The Last Jedi” and “Rise of the Skywalker” were planned to feature Leia as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi-warrior. 

Fisher died in December 2016, one year before “The Last Jedi” was released. Instead of writing her out, Abrams and Lourd decided to give her character a proper finale in the upcoming “Rise of the Skywalker.” We will have to wait and see what that is when it comes out on Dec. 20.