Bitcoin Sept 2013
Bitcoin enthusiast Mike Caldwell poses in his office in Sandy, Utah, September 17, 2013. Reuters

Bitcoin is the new Tesla.

The Web is buzzing with Bitcoin bytes this week after the virtual currency took center stage on Tuesday in Washington as the Senate debated the merits of virtual currencies and their move into the mainstream.

Here for your convenience is a list of interesting items gleaned from across the Web and discussing the trending topic du juor.

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Ten Reasons Why The Value Of Bitcoin Is Skyrocketing. As the value of a bitcoin has more than triple over the past 6 weeks, I figured it would be a good time to review some of the factors responsible for this current period of abrupt appreciation. Nov 20

The Federal Election Commission debated a proposal Thursday to let candidates and committees accept bitcoins as in-kind contributions, in the same way computer equipment or shares of stock are sometimes given as donations. - Washington Post Nov. 14

Swansea (Mass.) police say they were forced to pay $750 in ransom earlier this month to hackers after a virus locked all of their computer files. They paid the ransom in Bitcoins. - Boston Globe Nov. 19

Li Xiaolai, Bitcoin millionaire - Nov. 20

“These hearings mean Bitcoin is finally coming into its own; it’s a real thing and it’s not going anywhere and these hearings highlight that,” said Jerry Brito, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. - Bloomberg News Nov. 19

”Like other so-called ‘dark web’ sites, Assassination Market runs on the anonymity network Tor, which is designed to prevent anyone from identifying the site’s users or Sanjuro himself. Sanjuro’s decision to accept only Bitcoins is also intended to protect users, Sanjuro, and any potential assassins from being identified through their financial transactions. Nov. 18

When it comes to buying Bitcoins, I’ve told investors on multiple occasions to channel their inner Ice Cube and “check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.” Clearly, no one is listening. Completely undeterred, investors keep bidding up the cryptocurrency. Nov 18