• Asta manages to corner Liebe
  • The Anti Magic Devil vows to take control of Asta’s body
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 270 is scheduled to release Sunday

Asta’s fierce battle against the Anti Magic Devil named Liebe is reaching close to its conclusion. "Black Clover" Chapter 270 will likely showcase Liebe’s next move as Asta corners him using Captain Yami’s katana.

Asta is someone who can’t use magic, but he has fought countless warriors and will have an upper hand in the upcoming chapter.

How to read "Black Clover" Chapter 270 online

Fans can read "Black Clover" Chapter 270 on Manga Plus and Viz. The chapter will be available Sunday on the manga platforms.

"Black Clover" Chapter 269 recap

Asta notes that Liebe’s ki is filled with an incredible amount of hatred, sadness, and anger. He understands how Liebe feels for the devils but the former declares that he will fight and win.

Meanwhile, Liebe ridicules Asta for his inability to use magic in battles. Liebe charges and Asta dodges the attack and lands a punch on Anti Magic Devil’s face.

Asta declares that he will use this body to win. Elsewhere, Nacht, who is observing the battle, states that the true essence of Liebe’s power is to cancel out magic. However, Asta is someone who can’t use magic to begin with, and the Anti Magic Devil’s power may not be as dangerous in this fight.

During the fight, Asta takes Captain Yami’s katana from his grimoire. In "Black Clover" Chapter 269, Liebe announces that without his powers Yami’s katana is just a piece of metal. Liebe continues that no matter how strong Asta’s body is, he still can’t execute moves like teleportation. He adds that Asta’s current state can never beat a high-ranking devil’s magic.

"Black Clover" Chapter 269 takes a flashback detour as Liebe recalls -- after he got sealed into the Five Leaf grimoire, he felt he was floating away. The whole time he spent inside the grimoire, he kept cursing the devils for their wrongdoings.

Moreover, the resentment led to the manifestation of anti-magic in his body. He attained powers but was stuck inside the grimoire.

Later, the grimoire chose Asta. Now, Liebe wants to use Asta’s magicless body as a vessel to carry out his mission and annihilate the devils.

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