• Noelle challenges Vanica for a fight
  • Lolopechka is still under Vanica's control
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 296 is postponed to June 20

Noelle is done with Vanica's idiotic laugh and she wants the Dark Triad member to shut her mouth for good. Noelle is taking on Vanica in the next chapter. However, "Black Clover" Chapter 296 is not going to be released this week.

The manga remains on a one-week hiatus and "Black Clover" Chapter 296 is now scheduled to release on June 20, Viz confirmed.

Armed with her new form, Noelle is ready to fight against the intolerable Vanica in Chapter 296.

In Chapter 295 of "Black Clover," Noelle and Gaja charge toward Vanica and Lolopechka, who is currently under Vanica's control.

Vanica asks Noelle if she has gotten stronger like her as she wants to fight a worthy opponent. Noelle is angry as she announces that they are ready to take her down.

Also, Undine isn't serving Lolopechka anymore; she is with Noelle. Undine reveals the Curse-Warding magic sucked all her strength and temporarily dissolved her contract with Lolopechka.

To regain her strength and gather mana, she has moved to the grimoire of a different qualified mage. Noelle is the one who has what it takes to become a water spirit host.

The chapter reveals that there is a stage that can only be attained by spirit hosts, one who can purify malice and annihilate evil and it is the Saint Stage. Noelle asks Undine why she didn't let Lolopechka fight in her Saint Stage.

"Black Clover" Chapter 294 goes into flashback and Undine shares how she met Lolopechka and how she was quite different from other princesses.

She states that young Lolopechka had vast magic and but she couldn't learn any attack spell. Moreover, the best she could come up with was Knight Dolls. Undine adds that she would only use spells that appeared like attacks.

She tells Noelle that Lolopechka would never be able to get to the Saint Stage and defeat the devils.

Lolopechka would beat herself up for not being able to execute any attack spell. However, Undine tells young Lolopechka that her kindness surpasses everything.

Undine breaks down in front of Noelle and confesses that she wanted Lolopechka to stay kind but that was the reason she was cursed and later kidnapped.

Noelle tells her that being kind to others is not a mistake. She tells Undine that they need to work together for their ultimate goal: to defeat Vanica and save Lolopechka.

"Black Clover" Chapter 296 will release on Viz and Manga Plus.

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