• Noelle's new form overpowers Vanica
  • The Dark Triad member is impressed to see a stronger Noelle
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 297 is set to hit the stands Sunday

Noelle and Vanica's battle is at its peak and the upcoming chapter is likely to address the latter's fate. "Black Clover" Chapter 297 might bring bad news for the Dark Triad.

The final page of "Black Clover" Chapter 296 shows Noelle stabbing Vanica after beating the opponent's Red Beast. It remains to be seen if Vanica can bounce back in Chapter 297.

Time is running out for Noelle but she is confident she can take out Vanica in 30 seconds. Noelle's last attack seems to be the end of Vanica.

"Black Clover" Chapter 296 opens from where the last chapter ends. Vanica is shocked to see Noelle's new form. The villain attacks with Blood Magic: Herd of Red Beasts, but Noelle is easily able to cut through the spell.

Vanica is excited to see a warrior destroying the Red Beasts. She notes that Noelle's appearance and her power are different from what they were last seen in the Heart Kingdom.

The Dark Triad member exclaims she has been waiting for this worthy opponent for such a long time.

Meanwhile, Undine tells Noelle they can't take their time to beat the threat. She tells Noelle they need to defeat Vanica within one minute. Noelle announces she will get the job done in 30 seconds.

The next panel shows the fight between Noelle and Vanica. As the battle continues, Vanica notes she got the same shivers when she fought Acier Silva, who is Noelle's mother.

A flashback scene begins showcasing Vanica up against Acier. Vanica goes after Acier but little Noelle who is hiding in the bushes with Nozel starts crying.

Vanica asks Acier if they are her children. Later, she wonders why Acier has children as they get in the way and make her weak.

However, Acier tells her that her children make her stronger. Acier's weapon goes right through Vanica's chest and she binds her with Curse-Warding Magic.

Vanica remembers the lethal encounter with Acier and how Megicula asked the former to run away. Now, Vanica is ready to pick things from where they ended the last time.

Noelle screams at Vanica and tells her she did what she had to but now she will pay for it.

"Black Clover" Chapter 297 is scheduled to release Sunday. The digital version of the chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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