• Noelle attacks Vanica in her new form
  • Vanica is excited to fight against Noelle
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 296 is releasing Sunday

After a brief hiatus, the manga is returning to showcase the beginning of an epic battle between Noelle and Vanica. "Black Clover" Chapter 296 will likely address the cliffhanger moment from the last chapter's final panel.

With Vanica still controlling Lolopechka, Noelle is losing her temper as she announces that she will destroy the Dark Triad member. Fans are looking forward to Noelle use her Saint Valkyrie Dress spell against Vanica in "Black Clover" Chapter 296.

In the previous chapter, Vanica wanted to know if Noelle got any stronger as she wanted to play with her. Noelle sees Lolopechka under Vanica's control. She announces she will team up with Undine and defeat Vanica.

Charlotte cannot understand why Undine and Noelle are together. Three days before the fight, Dryad tells Noelle she needed to possess a certain power before she can launch the Ultimate Magic.

Undine appears and reveals why she had to move to Noelle's grimoire. Due to the Curse-Warding Magic, Undine has no choice but to join forces with Noelle. She needs more strength and only Noelle's grimoire can help her.

Initially, Undine and Noelle do not like each other but Dryad plays a key role in bridging the gap. Dryad explains how Vanica manifested Megicula using half of her body, but spirit hosts hold the ability to purify malice and beat the devils by being in the Saint Stage.

Noelle wonders why Undine did not train Yuno, Vermillion, Fuegoleon or Lolopechka to use Saint Stage. Undine reveals how she met Lolopehcka in the Heart Kingdom. She adds the young Lolopechka possessed all the qualities to become the next ruler of the kingdom, but there was something unique about her. For some odd reason, Lolopechka could not learn the attack spell.

Undine said Lolopechka was too kind and she admired her quality. Unfortunately, Undine kept Lolopechka away from the Saint Stage as she wanted to preserve her kindness and it led to her abduction.

Now, Noelle wants Undine to forget the past and not feel guilty about it. She tells Undine to get ready as they will defeat Vanica and save Lolopechka.

"Black Clover" Chapter 296 is scheduled to release Sunday. The chapter will be available online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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