After a one-week break, the manga returns as the battle against the mighty Megicula continues. The leaks and spoilers of "Black Clover" Chapter 301 are available online teasing Asta's arrival and Rill's new spell.

Twitter user NiteBaron has shared the latest spoilers and leaks of "Black Clover" Chapter 301. Rill launches a spell, called Twilight of Valhalla, and it can increase the magical powers of his allies during a battle.

Charlotte will use the increased magic power to undo the curse. Meanwhile, Asta brings Lolopechika to Noelle.

Amid the arrival of additional allies, Megicula is getting angry and she uses her 100 disciples, who died during experiments, to fight for her as living dead fighters.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 301, Noelle realizes she has feelings for Asta because she could feel a sudden burst of strength after his arrival. Moreover, she can now relaunch the Saint Stage. Toward the end of the chapter, Noelle might take on Megicula again with her Saint Stage form.

In the previous chapter, Megicula was impressed to see Gaja's magnificent spell. She praised his efforts but reminded him that her body was under the protection of a high-speed recovery curse.

Noelle was unable to use her Saint Stage because of Megicula's curse, who announced it was over for the heroes.

Noelle, who appeared annoyed, launched an attack on the devil. Megicula was shocked to see Noelle trying to fight back. The devil knew there was no way Noelle could win a fight against her in the Decaying World.

Noelle rose again and told Megicula that as a human, her biggest strength was not giving up. Megicula was fascinated because Noelle was ready to put her life on the line for her loved ones.

The devil decided to end things by using the Curse Warding Magic, named Exploding Life, to destroy Lolopechka. Megicula noted she would detonate Lolopechka and annihilate all the humans present in the castle.

She added that after the destruction, she will completely manifest here.

Fans can read "Black Clover" Chapter 301 online on Viz and Manga Plus this Sunday. The print version of Chapter 301 is set to hit the stands Monday.

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