• Asta, Noelle, and the others train with Spirit Guardians in the Heart Kingdom
  • Captain Yami asks Mereoleona to teach her mana zone
  • "Black Clover" Episode 156 is scheduled to broadcast Tuesday

In "Black Clover" Episode 156, Asta and the others continue their training session in the Heart Kingdom. Meanwhile, Captain Yami wants to train with someone in the new episode, which is called "Awakening Powers."

The official preview trailer for "Black Clover" Episode 156 shows that the Black Bulls’ hideout is quiet after everyone’s gone out training. The visual shows Captain Yami running from something. It is likely a scene from his training with Mereoleona.

Twitter user Nitebaron translated and shared the synopsis for "Black Clover" Episode 156 from TV Tokyo. In the upcoming episode, Captain Yami will train with Mereoleona as he wants to learn the mana zone.

“While Asta and the rest are busy with their special training in the Heart Kingdom, back in the Clover Kingdom, Captain Yami has asked Mereoleona for combat training. They begin immediately, but even Captain Yami can’t quite reach Mereoleona with his attacks, as she has the ability to control mana in the surrounding area with her mana zone.

"As everyone is looking for ways to become stronger for the upcoming battles, the threat of the Spade Kingdom which uses the power of devils to invade other countries is imminent,” the synopsis read, as tweeted by Nitebaron.

In the last episode, Asta, Noelle and the others representing Black Bulls arrive in the Heart Kingdom for the training.

Gaja meets the candidates and later, they meet Queen Lolopechka of the Heart Kingdom. Gaja informs them that the Spade Kingdom has already taken control of most of the bases of Diamond Kingdom. However, their invasion has stopped for the moment. He fears that the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom may be targeted at any time and that is why they have organized the rigorous training sessions to ensure rapid growth.

The candidates are ready and wish to become powerful as soon as they can. The training will be headed by the Spirit Guardians – Sarado (The Spirit Guardian of Earth), Potrof (The Spirit Guardian of Plants), Floga (The Spirit Guardian of Fire) and Smurik (The Spirit Guardian of Wind).

"Black Clover" Episode 156 is scheduled to air Tuesday, 4:25 a.m. ET. The episodes are available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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