• Spade Kingdom is ready to invade the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom
  • The Magic Knights prepare for the upcoming battle
  • "Black Clover" Episode 158 is scheduled to air on Jan. 5, 2021

The time has come to battle against the Spade Kingdom. After completing the training, Asta and the others are ready to fight in "Black Clover" Episode 158. The new episode is titled "The Beginning of Hope and Despair."

The official preview trailer for the upcoming episode shows the Magic Knights preparing for the upcoming battle.

"After conquering the Diamond Kingdom, The Spade Kingdom begins its invasion of the Clover and Heart Kingdoms. The soldiers of the Spade Kingdom have been forcibly stealing magic from the people in the fortress of Candelo, which is going through a zone of powerful demons. It is there that Asta, who has grown spectacularly through special training with the Spirit Guardian, appears. Meanwhile, Luck Voltia of the Black Bulls and Leopold Vermillion of the Crimson Lion head to see the Princess of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka," the summary read, as tweeted by BCspoiler.

"Black Clover" Episode 158 is scheduled to air on Jan. 5, 2021. The episodes will stream on Crunchyroll.

In the previous episode, Gaja tells Asta that he has grown immensely due to the intense training. Asta reports that he recently sparred with the Wind Spirit Guardian and worked on his ki to be able to read unexpected attacks better.

He reveals that he also fought with Earth Spirit Guardian who has sharp senses to polish Asta's fighting instincts. Asta expresses his desire to spar with Gaja. However, Gaja wants to know more about Asta's astounding growth as he can't use any magic.

Gaja adds that in order to further improve Asta's technique, he needs to know about his life up until this point and the devil that lives within his grimoire.

Asta shares his story and how he could not use a lick of magic. Back then, young Asta vows that he will get an unmatched grimoire, train harder and become the Wizard King.

He shares how hard he tried to get his hands on a five-leaf grimoire. After he got his grimoire, he went to the Royal Capital with Yuno to take the Magic Knights Exam. Asta also shares how he became an integral part of the Black Bulls.

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