“Black Clover” did not become an overnight success, but it was able to overcome all the odds. The popular series explored the world of anime because of its extremely successful manga. While its first episodes went viral for wrong reasons, after over 100 episodes, the series has become one of the staple shonen genres. Speculations that the series is coming to an end have been rife online, but it seems that “Black Clover” will move beyond its initial order and that the anime will have a new episode.

The news about the new “Black Clover” episode came straight from the horse’s mouth. On Twitter, Tatsuya Yoshihara, “Black Clover” director officially confirmed that the anime is getting new episodes. In fact, there will be 51 new episodes, which means the anime is going to run beyond the 150 total episodes.

The series director stated that so far there are 103 “Black Clover” episodes plus an additional 51 episodes. He also thanked the fans because the anime has exceeded beyond its limit. This latest announcement is great news to fans since its latest arc has been very successful with animation's impressive animation improvements.

Despite its success, fans are growing anxious about “Black Clover’s” pacing. At present, the anime covers a couple of chapters in each episode. In other words, the anime will catch up to the manga when it reaches episode 153. Fans are worried that the closing in period might allow the team behind “Black Clover” to adapt filler material to allow the manga to have enough time to develop stories for animation.

Black Clover
"Black Clover" director expressed his gratitude to the fans of the popular series and confirmed that more episodes are coming. BagoGames/CC

“Black Clover” was first created by Yuki Tabata for Shueisha’s Weekly Shone Jump magazine way back in 2015. The series tells the story of two young boys named Yuno and Asta who are growing up in a world where magic matters. Unfortunately for Asta, he was born without any magical powers.

Yuno, on the other hand, has magical powers that can rival those with the Magic Knights; they are those who possess the strongest magic in the Clover kingdom. The two young boys now are on their journey to become the Wizard King, who is the strongest wizard in the entire Clover Kingdom.