Fitbit Black Friday Sale
Fitbit Blaze watches are displayed during the 2016 CES trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada Jan. 6, 2016. Reuters/Steve Marcus

Fitbit’s “5-Day Black Friday Sale” went live on its website Thursday. The company is offering discounts across the entire range of its wearable devices. The sale will end 2:59 a.m. EST Monday. Consumers will be able to save $10-$30 off the devices.

The offers include:

  • The company is offering $20 off on Fitbit Charge 2, now available at $129.95 with blue and black colored bands; $159.95 for the lavender, gold-plated “special edition” version and 20 percent off on Charge 2 accessory bands, tracker sold separately, now available at $55.95.
  • $10 off on Fitbit Flex 2, now available at $89.95 and 20 percent off on Flex 2 accessories, stainless steel pendant now available at $63.95, gold pendant available at $79.95; stainless steel/rose gold bangles sold at $79.95, tracker sold separately.
  • $30 off on Fitbit Alta, Blue and Teal versions available for $99.95; black/22K gold “special edition” for $119.95 and 20 percent off on accessories (excluding public school for Fitbit). Camel leather version for $47.95, stainless steel version for $79.95. Tracker sold separately.
  • $30 off on Fitbit Blaze, $169.95 for blue version, black/gunmetal and pink/gold available at $199.95 and 20 percent off on accessory bands — Olive nylon band for $31.95, camel leather version and slim black/gold version for $79.95, metal links and frame for $103.95.

The company has also put out offers on older models including:

  • $30 off on Fitbit Surge
  • $20 off on Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One
  • $30 off on Fitbit Aria

All devices sold during the sale will get extended money-back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty. The company is also providing free shipping on orders above $50.